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 WU Xiaodong,SONG Zihao,WANG Wei,et al.Advances of aerogels materials[J].Journal of NANJING TECH UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION),2020,42(04):405-451.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1671-7627.2020.04.001]





Advances of aerogels materials
南京工业大学 材料科学与工程学院 江苏先进无机功能复合材料协同创新中心,江苏 南京 211800
WU Xiaodong SONG Zihao WANG Wei CUI Yi HUANG ShuntianYAN Wenqian MA Yuecheng ZHAO Yifan HUANG LongjinLI Boya LIN Benlan CUI Sheng SHEN Xiaodong
Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Inorganic Function Composites, College of Materials Science and Engineering,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing 211800, China
气凝胶 复合气凝胶 氧化物 碳化物 氮化物 石墨烯 量子点 聚合物 生物质 碳气凝胶 隔热材料 吸附 催化剂 生物医用 储能转化
aerogels composite aerogels oxide carbide nitride graphene quantum dots polymer biomass carbon aerogels thermal insulation material adsorption catalysis biomedical application enegy storage and transformation
气凝胶材料是一种由纳米粒子或聚合物分子链组成的具备三维纳米结构的多孔材料,具有低密度、高孔隙率、高孔体积和高比表面积等结构特点,显现出优异的光、热、声、电和力学等特性,在航空航天、石油化工、环境保护、建筑保温、能量储存与转化等领域具有广泛的应用价值。迄今为止,气凝胶的种类已由最初的SiO2气凝胶发展到了具有特定功能的各类新型气凝胶,从而有效拓宽了气凝胶的应用范围。气凝胶材料通常采用溶胶-凝胶、老化、溶剂置换并结合超临界干燥、冷冻干燥或常压干燥等过程制备。气凝胶材料按照组成可以分为单组分气凝胶和多组分气凝胶,其中单组分气凝胶主要包括氧化物气凝胶、碳化物气凝胶、氮化物气凝胶、石墨烯气凝胶(GA)、量子点气凝胶、聚合物基有机气凝胶、生物质基有机及C气凝胶和其他种类气凝胶,而多组分气凝胶由两种及以上单组分气凝胶构成或者由纤维、晶须、纳米管等作为增强体所形成的气凝胶复合材料。本文主要介绍各类单组分及其复合气凝胶材料的制备方法及其在隔热、吸附、催化、储能转化和生物医用等领域的应用,对近年来气凝胶在制备及应用方面所取得的突破性进展进行了综述。同时也指出在基础研究方面亟需通过理论计算和实验研究相结合,实现气凝胶网络结构生长调控、表面组成及化学结构调控和高温组织结构稳定性调控; 在功能型气凝胶材料开发方面,通过反应机制深入研究气凝胶材料结构和性能关联,实现高性能的多功能型气凝胶材料突破性进展; 在规模化应用方面,寻找成本低廉的前驱体原料和降低气凝胶干燥成本是气凝胶产业化进程长远发展的关键。
Aerogels are porous materials with three-dimensional networks, which consist of nanoparticles and polymer molecular chains. Aerogels possess distinct textural characteristics, such as low bulk density, high porosity, high pore volume and high specific surface area, etc., which therefore endows them excellent optics, thermal, acoustic, electric, and mechanical properties. Aerogels have many promising applications in many fields such as aerospace, petrochemical engineering, environmental protection, building energy saving, energy storage and conversion, etc. Up to now, the development of aerogels materials has changed from the original research of silica aerogels to the interest of aerogels with specific functions, which therefore broadens the applications of aerogels. Aerogels are mainly prepared via processes of sol-gel, aging, solvent exchange combined with supercritical drying, freezing drying of ambient pressure drying techniques. Aerogels materials can be classified as single-component aerogels and composite aerogels, while the single-component aerogels can be composed of oxide-based aerogels, carbide-based aerogels, nitride-based aerogels, graphene-based aerogels, quantum dots based aerogels, polymer-based organic aerogels, biomass-based organic and carbon aerogels, and other kinds of aerogels materials. The composite aerogels are formed by several kinds of single-component aerogels, and the aerogels composites reinforced by the fibers, whiskers, and nanotubes, etc. In the summary, we are focusing on the recent advances of their constitutes, microstructures, preparation techniques and their applications in the field of thermal insulations, adsorbents, photo-electrical catalyst, energy storage and transformation, biological and medical system. Moreover, the prospects of aerogels application development are also reviewed in this paper. In the term of fundamental research, the net-work growth control, the surface constitutes and chemical structure control, and the textural control under elevated temperatures for aerogels need to be solved by the combination of theoretical calculation and experiments. In the term of functional aerogels research, the linkage between structures and properties should be studied via reaction mechanism, which will accelerate the essential development of functional aerogels. In the term of large-scale production, the use of more cost-effective precursors and the energy-saving drying technique are the main two issues for aerogels’ long-term development.


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